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Barakissa Coulibaly

Hi, I'm Barakissa, a West African Dancer/Choreographer

Short Bio

Barakissa Coulibaly Member of  CID UNESCO The International Dance Council.

Barakissa is a West African dancer and choreographer from Abobo, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She started her career in traditional African dance in 1990 with “Fotemogoban”. She continued her career with “Djolem” and performed in Switzerland, Greece, Spain, France, Germany and many other countries!



“African dances are manifold; they depend on each of their countries of orientation. The gesture: a different way to express the rhythm of the music which is also essential to the meaning of many life lessons. Dance is an essential element of the African cultural heritage. It is the living expression of it's philosophy and memory of its evolution.


To dance, is to demonstrate a knowledge and transmit it. It is also revealing the diversity of a continent, its many symbolims; mystical and spiritual.


Based on the repetition of movements according to different traditions, African dance also has a wide field of improvisation. Improvisation serves to give humanity more;it is participating in the creation of the world, sharing a story and constantly enriching its experience. Often associated with a leisure activity, African dance can also be used to achieve peace of mind through meditation, and in this research, music plays a very important role.


For a dancer, two things are essential: freedom to dance, and soul consciousness. Expression to touch the heart of the viewer. Every gesture has a precise meaning, a dancer in action is always looking to be in communion with the energies of heaven and earth, the harmonization of body and mind; always in specific rhythms because if body language is the vector of a culture and a history; music is the unconditional support.”


-Barakissa Couliably

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